My trade and art is to live.

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)


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How to set up an exploratory conversation? and what happens afterwards?

Setting up the exploratory conversation

If you want to explore how we could work together, the first thing we need to do is set up an exploratory conversation by telephone.

You can contact me using the email form below, indicating the dates and times (in your local time zone) when you would be available for us to have a free 1 hour exploratory phone conversation.

If I receive your request Monday through Thursday, you’ll get my reply the next day, otherwise after the weekend.

Once we’ve agreed on a time, you call me.  [see note below about how to do this inexpensively]

If you are in the USA or Canada I will give you a USA phone number to call me.
If you’re in the UK you will get a UK number.
If you’re in another country, you can choose to either call me in Italy, or choose for us to meet on a “bridge” phone number which I will give you for the USA or UK.

During this conversation, we will explore where you are right now, what problems and challenges you may be facing. We’ll also explore what kind of services or programme might help you best (mine or others).

This is a truly a conversation: you will be able to ask questions, seek clarification, express your wishes, your doubts, etc. After all this, if it sounds like we have a match, we will draft a rough workplan to be more detailed when we start working together.

At the end of our conversation we’ll reserve a date and time for the start of our actual work together.

I myself really hate to be talked in buying something that’s not, after reflection, really what I want or need, so I’ll be asking you to take 24 hours to reflect on your decision about working with me. After your day of reflexion, I’ll ask you to email me  to confirm or not your decision, and asking what made you choose your decision.

If after the 24 hours reflection you confirm our partnering, the date and time pre-reserved are confirmed and you will receive a welcome pack and be asked to pay a deposit of 100 euros (which will be credited to your fees) to confirm your decision.

So this is what would happen if you choose to have an exploratiory conversation as you see with no obligation to further engagement.

Are you ready for an exploratiory conversation now?

Yes just fill in the form below.

Request for an exploratory conversation

For the Time Zone: (if you do not know it,  indicate your country and a big city nearby, or go to

I look forward to the opportunity of having  a conversation with you.


Catherine Marechal
+39 3311856658
Via San Mauro 9
02040 Poggio Catino RI Italy
USA & UK phone number only by appointment