The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them.

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)


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Services available


You may have found elsewhere other propositions offering to help retired or retiring people.   I myself offer retirement improvement programs based on providing you with information, feedback, and an individually tailored coaching process which enables you to avoid many of the pitfalls and find your own path. What I offer will help you if you are like my clients (see How does your retirement feel?).

But I don’t want you to hire my services because you’ve read  a convincing advertisement. I want you to choose me because YOU think and are convinced that my services  will benefit you.  Why ? Because then we will work together as a real team and be able to truly focus on your goals, reaching them faster and easier.  

How can you know how you might feel about me and my approach before you buy my services?   One good way is to order the free e-book, and to read and study it carefully – in it you’ll be able to find out much about my approach and my ways of looking at things, and see if you feel it can work for you.  

You are interested in working with me after having read the e-book, there are several approaches which can be taken separately or combined together:  
  • a pre-retirement assessment package,
  • one on one retirement coaching, and
  • an accountability and support program.

The pre-retirement assessment package helps you evaluate your life  before you retire. It can also be done later on if you have already retired  and did not have a chance to prepare your retirement life.  This package is composed of an online assessment and  three one hour coaching sessions. (Price 395 US$).

The one-on-one retirement coaching is best for people starting to think about their retirement life or the already retired who are not happy with their present situation. My fees are 160 US$ per hour. There is a reduced hourly fee if you subscribe for a group of five one-hour sessions at a time (130 US$/hour or 650 US$ for the five sessions).

The accountability and support programme is designed for people who are starting to:

  • work on one or two new projects already designed,
  • think about their soon-to-be retirement but are still working and have too many things pulling them away from their retirement thinking and planning.

The price of the accountability and support programme is 47 US$/ four weeks of daily accountability. 

You can stop the coaching or the accountability programme at  any time simply by sendingme an email.

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If you have some questions, please don't hesitate to contact me using the contact window just  above.  This will get you some quick answers.

If you are now just thinking about things, feeling somewhat dissatisfied with your retired life but not yet enough to actively explore changing it, that's alright too.  

If and when (could be now, could be later) you feel really dissatisfied with your retired life, or just want to explore how you could make it better, contact me to arrange for a one-hour FREE exploratory telephone conversation.